ClimateMaster Heat Pumps

ClimateMaster is the largest producer of water to air heat pump units, in the USA and around the globe. Over 50,000 units of water to air heat pumps are manufactured every year within 25000 m² of production and research facilities, in Oklahoma USA.

Emtec is an official partner of ClimateMaster in Romania since 2013 and is promoting the ground and water source heat pump systems.

ClimateMaster Heat Pumps.

Individual packaged units that transfer heat through a single- or two-pipe water loop are the main components of Water-Source and Geothermal Heat Pump systems. The loop temperature of each unit is kept via a boiler/tower combination or earth-coupled (geothermal) loop and they can be used in either heating or cooling mode all year-round. Each unit is independent from all others and each zone has full control of its heating/cooling mode. This means if one unit malfunctions, it will not affect the entire system. Control can be achieved for each unit through the corresponding thermostat. Water-Source and Geothermal Heat Pump systems have proven to be the most efficient in terms of energy, cost, and space as referred to any other system in the industry.

Water-Source Applications

We believe that our heating and cooling technology is the most efficient in heat transportation technologies on the market and is represented by the Water Source Heat Pumps (WSHP). What is really astonishing about them is their simplicity. They are easily maintained, as simple as a residential air conditioning unit, and they last for incredibly long. ASHRAE predicts a life time higher than twenty years. This is achieved through the fact that they don't use the same effort as as other systems to move the heat around. For the execution of an ideal heating/cooling system that will provide individual zone control, recover and utilize excess heat for space conditioning or other various uses, and comply with the needs of multiple users simply and efficiently, ClimateMaster water source heat pump systems are an excellent choice.

The closed-loop water source heat pump system makes the most efficient HVAC system available in spite of its simplistic design. Through recovering otherwise wasted energy in some spaces and better using it within the system, these systems take advantage of the heating and cooling requirements of each space in the entire building.

Highly efficient packaged reverse cycle heat pump units, interconnected through a water loop, are part of the general heat pump system. The air comfort requirements of each particular zone in which it is installed is assured by the corresponding unit. During cold weather, heat is removed by the heat pump from the water loop through the unit's specially designed refrigerant-to-water coaxial heat exchanger and it is transferred into the air.

Heat Pumps System operating in cold weather.

During cold weather, when the heat internally generated in the building is insufficient, and most units operate in the heating mode, heat is transfered to each individual unit from the water of the loop. If more heat is required than is found naturally in the loop water, an energy efficient fluid heater attached to the loop is rendered necessary.

Heat Pumps System operating in hot weather.

During hot weather, heat is taken from the zones in the building and rejected into the water loop, as most or all of the ClimateMaster Comfort System units operate in the cooling mode. The heat is exhausted from the building through an external fluid cooler attached to the loop, if it is not necessary somewhere else in the building.

Heat Pumps System operating in Balanced Energyy Use.

Balanced energy use. During certain periods of time, there is the need for heating and cooling various spaces at the same time and units in different areas may operate in different modes. When this happens, heat is moved from one area to another through the water loop. During this time, the loop may not require either heat rejection or supply. That is when the system is most efficient.

Efficency shall be highlighted in comparison with fan coil systems which can use both a boiler and chiller to operate at the same time (4-pipe) or use wasteful electric heat.Water-Source Heat Pumps are unequaled in their simple in design, being considered the most energy efficient traded HVAC systems. Heat is moved through an interconnected water loop and is put to work in other areas or rejected through a cooling tower. The chance of a total system failure is eliminated as each unit works as an independent, packaged system. The other units will not be affected if one unit malfunctions. Units can be effortlessly accessed as they are accessibly located above the ceiling or in a closet.

A wide variety of building types including Office Buildings, Apartment Buildings, Assisted Living Facilities, Condominiums, Schools and much more can use Water-Source Heat Pumps as an excellent choice.

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